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How to publish your post!

We have a few brief instructions for you on how to use this blog.

First and foremost, blog posts should:

  1. be completed weekly.
  2. be authored by each member of the PLC on a rotating schedule.
  3. ask questions and engage the audience.
  4. reference the readings completed in your PLC.

In addition, we need to be able sort the posts! Practicing teachers will be joining us, and they need to be able to find all posts grouped by book. Your instructors need to be able to find posts by group. So we will require that all posts be placed in a category for your group number and book (see image below). This will automatically place the posts in the correct page for the links in the main menu.


All posts should be placed in the category for your book and your group number!

Of course, there are many tips for making your blog posts interesting, engaging, and relevant. Consider the following tips when crafting your first post:

  1. Use an image with your post (make sure you use the caption space to give credit to the image creator!)
  2. Embed media, such as videos and audio, into your post.
  3. Use headings, lists, and bulletsĀ so your posts can be easily skimmed.
  4. Include links to relevant articles or related material.
  5. Comment on your group posts! Though one group member has officially authored each post, you can all chime in with your ideas and thoughts.
  6. Comment on your classmate’s posts — especially those reading the same book as your group!
  7. Promote your posts on social media and ask for input from the community at large (where appropriate)
  8. Make the weekly post part of your weekly PLC meeting.

Finally, please note that your instructors will often upload posts that you will need to read. This will have tutorials, instructions, assignments, challenges, or other important messages that your group will need for your PLC meetings. These will all be posted in the “From the Instructors” tab on the main menu. This post is the first of many that will be placedĀ under that category, so look out for these!

Now go forth and read and discuss! We look forward to all the great discussions you will this semester in your PLCs.