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Rethinking Popular Culture and Media

Rethinking Popular Culture and Media should be required reading for educators in today’s society. Students are exposed to an increasing amount of popular culture and media and much of that is from corporations that promote ideas¬†like consumption, competition, hierarchy, sexism, homophobia, and racism. It can be overwhelming to approach¬†how to teach students that are so heavily influenced by things out of our control. However, this book provides helpful information, analysis, and insight into the best ways to help youth and adults reflect on what they see in pop culture. Teachers are required to make themselves aware and familiar with the many types of pop culture and media that their students read, view, and consume. Because this book was mostly written by teachers for teachers, it is very useful in offering real examples that examine pop culture and media in relation to education. We think this book has provided us with knowledge about the classroom that will be especially important as we enter the world of teaching.


Taking a Step back from our book!


This video discusses four main agents of socialization: family, schools, peers, and media. This captures the main ideas illustrated throughout the book. When discussing socialization, we are looking at how people (mainly children) learn how to interact in society. In reference to our book, we look closer at how socialization affects race discussion and issues in the classroom and how best to address these. Looking at what effects students as individuals can help educators create better lesson plans and material for classes as a group that take into account all different types of backgrounds and upbringings.


Question: What’s appropriate when confronting race in the classroom?