Book Review

This semester, we read Rethinking Elementary Education. Overall, we found the book to be very interesting and relevant to classroom situations today. The book had very creative ideas about how to deal with different situations in our classrooms and we found it to be very relatable in terms of teachers telling their own personal stories from their classrooms. We didn’t read the whole book, especially the parts that related to the subjects of Math and Science (everyone in my group has a focus in Language Arts, so we usually don’t enjoy math and science as much). However, the parts we did read left a lasting impact on us and what we expect our classrooms to be like when we start teaching.

After a while, we got a bit tired of the book and just assigning readings from it, so we moved on to watching video clips, particularly Ted Talks. We enjoyed these a bit more because it is more interesting listening to someone talk about their own experiences and seeing their faces as they describe their different situations. The Ted Talks seemed a bit easier to discuss in our groups too because we all seemed to have the same reactions to the messages.

Overall, we decided that Rethinking Elementary Education is a book we would want to hold on to and keep in our personal classroom library as a refresher on how to deal with certain social-justice issues in our classroom. In times of need, we can always flip back to it and reread articles that seem relevant to us.


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